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Is a one man company estabilished in 2007 which offers coaching and guidance in learning and performing.



Jack Edelaar is a highly motivated coach who likes change. When your not satisfied with what you've achieved so far, then you have to change your routine.
Einstein gave a beautifully well put description on this:
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result"

After my study to become a Physical Education teacher at the ALO in Amsterdam, I got involved in a national sports association as the education program manager. The Nederlandse Bowling Federatie (Dutch Tenpin Bowling Federation) was at the time a rising association and needed well qualified trainers and coaches. During 15 years I've trained them and was myself employed as coach of the under 19, under 23 and the Ladies team. Later I accepted the job of Topsport Program Manager to manage all teams and their coaches. In 2003 I took the Mastercoach course of the National Olympic Committee with great pleasure and interest. Here it became clear to me how much the learning and performing processes in all sports are so alike. Just the mere content of technics and tactics are different.

Eventually I took the step to develop myself further and became a freelance coach. The two years as national coach for Czech Republic were indeed very educating and successful!

At the moment I'm focussed on self development, sport wide and person wide.

"Becoming older is more and more becoming yourself!"

And one is never to young to learn this.


I always try to reach for somebody’s core and help to arrange that changing takes place. This process is totally different from that of the classical teaching approach. There the coach gives an instruction to use a certain technique this or that way and the athlete tries to follow up. When the attempt is off, the athlete is directed until the desired pattern is executed. It is clear that this method has delivered results. Otherwise there would never have been improved athletes and would coaches soon be unemployed.

In my view however, this method is limited in pace and depth. It takes much time and much guidance before the end result is reached. Even then the end result remains highly (externally) regulated and controlled. The advantage of control, regulation and cause-effect linking is perceived as comfortable by many coaches and (some) athletes.

There is also a clear relationship present between coach and athlete. Even when the coach is open minded in his behaviour he still remains the director and owner of the learning process. The athlete is depending on the coach. Some athletes find that a safe and comfortable position to be in. Success and failure are the responsibility of the coach. Safe!



When using this point of view there is a totally different relationship between coach and athlete. The coach is still the person who is expected to know everything there is to know about the proper techniques and tactics, how the end result looks like and how it can be achieved the best way. However, the athlete has to take responsibility for goal setting, effort and pace. It is the athlete who directs the show!

This takes a different approach by the coach. I’m not telling the person what he should do differently but I have to make him aware of his options from which to choose from. The athlete needs to (learn to) open up. This takes trusting. Particularly trusting ones own strength. And trusting the coach. The athlete needs to trust that the coach won’t abuse his or hers temporary vulnerability. As soon as trusting own ability is established, the athlete can easily gain more insight and change takes place automatically.

Because the experience of insight is always self owned, the change is also accepted has self owned. The athlete is therefore motivated to change intrinsically. This provides not only strong and deep motives but also many times surprises. More so, I never know exactly what changes are about to occur because the athlete always attaches his or her imprint to this process. The end result is roughly known but the shape and details never. Those are personal. The end result is always the first request of the athlete: “I want to change this or that”. That makes me merely the guide who is as curious as the athlete himself as to how this journey will follow. The destination is usually known, but the route almost never. And sometimes the destination is more surprising than expected….as Columbus once experienced!


Sport is nothing really, it’s an empty shell. Compared to all the hunger and violence in the World, sport is futile. And yet it is of great importance for many people. For me as well. Sport provides the opportunity to experience. It creates a perfect environment for self fulfilment. In sports we are directly involved with ourselves. We are confronted with ourselves. To perform a good back hand stroke, putting that particular hole or out manoeuvring that opponent. Loosing and winning give frustration and euphoria.

werkwijze  One encounters oneself. Next day you go to work and nobody
  knows about that painful defeat or glorious victory in the
  Sport is sheltered from real life. It has it’s own place and time.
  That’s why the sport situation is excellently suited for making
  Through experiencing that something can be done differently,
  confidence is built in.
  This confidence in own experience changes the self image.
  A different self image leads to other behaviour. To change ones behaviour in a relationship or at work is often not easy. To change behaviour in sport however is much less threatening. Through transfer of behavioural changes it is possible to act differently in daily routine!

This application is offered in training sessions, courses, work shops and clinics. The theme is decided together, after which the change strategy is executed by means of the sport situation. This can be arranged for groups or individual athletes, trainers and coaches.

Besides that this provides an excellent opportunity for companies looking for an effective way to tackle a certain unit problem. For (sport)organisations who want to upgrade their coaching or teaching staff we offer solutions as well. And of course is giving advice or writing products another option to share our knowledge and expertise with you.